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Last night, my fiancee and I went to YamaSho.  Let me just say, we have been looking for a decent sushi place in the neighborhood.  We have found it. This was their second day of opening.  The decor was very nice.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The fish was fantastic.  

We sat at the sushi bar and were immediately given hot towels.  The sushi chef was very knowledgeable and helpful.  I was concerned about ordering the uni because it was a Monday, but he assured me it was very fresh.  Well, he was right.  It turns out that they get fish deliveries every morning.  We ordered the sunomono with octopus, miso soup, unagi, tako, suzuki, sake, hottate, and amebi.  It was all fresh and delicious.  The prices were more than decent and we will definitely be returning for the food.

After our meal, we were given a tour (we asked) of the karaoke rooms downstairs.  They have about ten private themed rooms with decor matching the name of the room.  (Tokyo, Kyoto, San Francisco, NY, etc...)  They also allow alcohol in the rooms, (not the case at most karaoke joints in the city) and have a special menu with party platters for the rooms.  

Did I mention they are open until 2am and serve food until 1:30am?  Bonus!
All in all, I am very excited about this wonderful addition to my neighborhood.
Thrillist San Francisco
Why sing "Careless Whisper" anywhere else?
You know when you wake from that dream where you're in a dungeon that looks like Times Square belting out the lyrics to "Faith" with octopus ball soup pouring down your face while an impeccably coiffed Japanese boy band laughs at you? You weren't dreaming, dude, you were at YamaSho.

From a Japanese restaurateur who really likes to sing, YamaSho's an otherworldly, 350-seat izakaya-cum-karaoke Mecca, with soaring 50ft ceilings, exposed brick walls, a cozy sushi bar, a massive mezzanine section with a private dining room, and, more importantly, an accessed-by-elevator basement that houses ten variously sized/themed karaoke rooms, done up to look like Tokyo, SF, Osaka, NY, Hokkaido, Fresno, etc. OK...not Fresno, but how funny would that be? The grub available upstairs is fairly extensive, ranging from assorted sashimi, to inside out eel/tempura shrimp/salmon rolls, to fried shrimp/chicken/veggie katsu on skewers, to steamed red snapper "cooked in special soup"...

A limited snack menu's offered downstairs in playland (stuff like fried chicken wings, eel/avocado "Rock n' Rolls", Yakisoba noodles, etc), and lubrication includes 30 sakes, shochu cocktails, and bottles of Asahi/Kirin/Sapporo -- they'll bring it all to you 'til 2am, at which point it's time to ask your waiter to do that to me one more time, I can never get enough, of a man like youuu...

Adorning the walls are paintings by the owner's wife that're actually pretty good: upstairs it's classy Japanese ladies with fans and kimonos, while downstairs it's street scenes/landscapes in the themed rooms and a smiling portrait of her favorite Japanese pop band who're still laughing at you, but only because you refuse to put your faith in songs from anybody but Nickelback.

Yelp San Francisco
This review is for the karaoke -

Went with a big group of friends for a birthday; rented the party room. Some of us in the group used to live in Japan, so we were stoked to find a legit Japanese karaoke place. The basement rooms come replete with important ambiance effects such as disco balls and pretty art - the only other karaoke place I've been to in the city is Fillmore Karaoke, and in comparison, the atmosphere & quality of the place far surpasses.

-GREAT music selection. We only sang English - there were plenty of options.
-Staff was impeccably friendly. VERY accommodating, helpful, cheerful, polite.
-Reasonably priced if you've got a group (especially during the 20% off grand opening)
-Alcohol!! (corkage fee applies if you bring your own... but nothing simulates Japanese karaoke like ordering room service)

Definitely worthwhile and excited to go back again. So glad that we don't have to go all the way to j-town for karaoke.
Mister Archer
Bite-Sized Review
YamaSho (Polk Gulch)
Not everyone has the time to fly to the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo for fresh sushi. The next best option is to roll over to YamaSho for some divine dining. It is impossible to miss on this menu, just be sure to order a range of nigirizushi (hand-formed) and makizushi (rolled), including a couple of the special maki… this is your night out! Then turn it up a notch by heading downstairs into one of their themed karaoke rooms ($45 – $65/hr) all featuring over 100,000 songs! For larger parties, book the upstairs room accommodating up to 25 people. YamaSho reminds us that their happy hour is from 5pm – 8pm with room charges 40% off!

Metrowize San Francisco

Yamasho: Sushi, Sake, and...JAPANESE KARAOKE AAAAAAAH!!!



When you go to the recently opened YamaSho, you won’t only be yelling at the top of your lungs from the sake. Tucked away in the Tenderloin is YamaSho, the latest and most unique sushi bar to open in SF of recent memory. The main attraction at YamaSho is not just the authentic, fresh, and handcrafted sushi. Oh no. YamaSho has not 1, not 2, not 3, but 9, yes 9, downstairs themed karaoke rooms, decorated as Tokyo, Kyoto, Kyushu, New York, etc., featuring flat screen tv's and Japanese seat cushions covering benches that line the walls. To order, you simply pick up a white telephone from your room and order some room service. A perfect location from breaking the ice on a first date to entertaining and laughing at your co-workers, YamaSho is a unique and distinctive destination.

While YamaSho is new, it certainly is not unheard of. Praise of this Karaoke bar is being sung louder than Journey after a handful of sake bombs. If you plan on headed into the ‘Loin to check, and belt it out, its recommended that you call in advance, as many large groups and private parties reserve these rooms ahead of time. However that’s not to say you can’t simply stumble through the door and right up onto the stage. Take your time when deciding what song you want to hang your hat on though, as they have about as much a variety of music as they do saki. And don’t worry about stumbling out for late night food, the menu stays open until 1:30 am. Kampai! Or is it Kompai? Well, something close to one of those means cheers in Japanese, but we never remember on account of all the sake bombs. Oops.

GetWize:YamaSho is located at 1161 Post Street in the Tendo. For more info, check out their website here.

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