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R e s t a u r a n t


   In the heart of San Francisco is a true authentic Japanese 

   experience. YamaSho brings you a true experience of not

   just authentic Japanese cuisine, but also Japanese culture.


   Established by a Japanese restaurateur who also really

   enjoys karaoke, YamaSho makes you feel like you are

   guests in the cozy home of a talented native chef.


   YamaSho, named for the proprietor, Shogo Yamada, a

   seasoned sushi master who built his reputation in San

   Francisco’s Japan-town for the last 21 years, is a dream


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 YamaSho Japanese Restaurant is a delight for the senses.


 From the moment you walk into YamaSho, your eyes are

 treated to warm colors bathed in soft inviting lighting,

 soaring high ceilings, exposed brick walls, a cozy sushi

 bar, a massive mezzanine with a private banquet room,

 including a large deluxe karaoke lounge.


 On the lower level you will find an additional nine karaoke

 lounges that are themed to look like Tokyo, San Francisco,

 Osaka, New York, Hokkaido, and more.


 Guests can enjoy menu items and beverages in any of

 the ten karaoke lounges.


   Adorning the walls are many paintings by Hiroko Yamada

   which add to the authentic flavor of YamaSho.


   To give his beloved San Francisco a place where his

   guests can feel at home, enjoy an entertaining night

   of karaoke, while sampling a variety of “IzakayaEnbsp;style

   unique Japanese dishes, was always Shogo’s vision.


   YamaSho is open daily from 5:30 pm to 2 am with menu

   service available until 1:30 am.


   We welcome you to YamaSho !

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